Refinance a Home Mortgage With These Easy Steps

Please take advantage of lower interest rates and successfully refinance a home mortgage with these easy stepsIf it’s for a home improvement loan or to take advantage of the lower interest rates recently making headlines, right now is an excellent time for Canadians to refinance their mortgage. Homeowners should follow these easy tips to refinance … Read more

Mortgage changes in Canada

Mortgage changes in Canada – Lower interest rates aren’t the only new happenings with Canadian mortgages Hoping to avoid the financial bust that leveled most housing markets around the world, the government of Canada has made significant rule changes regarding their involvement in government-insured home mortgages. Mortgage changes in Canada Not sitting on their laurels … Read more

Buying Foreclosures – Great Deal or Insane Hassle?

Buying Foreclosures – In much of North America, the home market is a buyer’s market, which means that buyers have many homes to choose from at a price they can almost name, which bodes well for anyone looking to get a deal. The problem with buying foreclosures isn’t so much that they’re in disrepair but … Read more

A Brief Guide to Buying Your First Home

A Brief Guide to Buying Your First Home – Buying a home is a big decision, and as a first-time home buyer, you will find that the buying process is much different than renting. Not only do you have to get qualified and approved for a loan, but you also need to learn about home … Read more

5 Facts You Need from Your Mortgage Lender

Mortgage Lender – Buying a home is like getting married. There is a long-term commitment and a lot of money involved, and as such, it’s not something you should enter lightly. The same goes for your mortgage lender, who will be the gatekeeper of that money, and who has the power to make your home-buying … Read more

3 Mortgage Mistakes You Can’t Afford

3 Mortgage Mistakes You Can’t Afford – When buying a new home, there are many precautions you need to take to ensure that you buy a solid and sturdy home, don’t get in over your head, and so that you are as happy in 30 years as you will be today. This is especially true … Read more

Top 10 Tips For Finding the Best Mortgage Deals

Put a headlock on home mortgages with these Top 10 Tips For Finding the Best Mortgage Deals Whether a fixer-upper or a McMansion, purchasing a home is the most significant life expense Canadian families will ever make. And since most families will need some home financing, navigating the mortgage process and terminology is an absolute … Read more

The Secret to Low Canadian Interest Rates

Low Canadian Interest Rates – In Canada, interest rates tend to mirror those of their North American counterparts, the United States. As government bonds in both countries have reached similar interest rates, it’s fair to say that the regions with the lowest rates in Canada have much more to do with banks than actual geography. Throughout most … Read more